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Discussion in 'General Game Questions' started by рок_нуар, Aug 16, 2014.

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  1. will be update and the game or forum only ???
  2. =ionut=

    =ionut= User

    forum only.......the game to be update ill be a dream come true
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  3. JaquiG

    JaquiG Global Team Leader Team Deepolis EN

    The new forum script is only the first part, it shows that Bigpoint has not forgotten Deepolis.
    The programmer is working on the known bugs and they will be updated into the game once tested.
  4. =ionut=

    =ionut= User

    sory for not believing ....................but do you have any proofs ??? even a small one will be good :oops:
  5. nash-fa

    nash-fa User

    yes it would definitely be nice to see an update in the game :) its been way way too long since the last one.
  6. JaquiG

    JaquiG Global Team Leader Team Deepolis EN

    I know, hard to believe after so long with nothing changing, and until the changes start, nope no proof. :/
  7. so you are telling us again that the game is in a process of being updated but you do not know when how or what you do not have photos of gameplay attempts or even small videos and we start again the story from the beginning when you tell us that bigpoint is going to start the procession of the so well named "REDESIGNING". My point of view??? I have been playing for years this game and what i see is for sure not an evolvement the game starts to be even more horrible without any trace of the new update I HAVE BEEN BORED (personally of course) seeing the same and the same and my question to all those people in the support or the technical sector is when we are going to see the first images of the new game ??? And this time i want a honest answer i guess all players need that answer we want to see when and how but first ask us all those "updates" that were made before destroyed the game.Years ago we had a goal now what is the goal of this game ??? PUSHING ??? ICE BUG?? INVISIBLE BOATS??? HACKING??? DESTROYING EVEN MORE THE GAME???
  8. old players saying me we wait 4 years for any update and for the new map!!!! i don't believe to any update at game !!!:mad::mad::mad::mad: it's a so beautiful game and bigpoint destroy that game !!!!
  9. you're right, no one perhaps hoped for something new they want to close the game to not play one.
  10. =ionut=

    =ionut= User

    i dont think that they recover the money that they invested in the game .and its still bring profit (?) or else it would already shut down.
    or if they shut down now they will lose more .
    this is a 100 % BP game so its not that easy to take a decision about it .
    i believe that there is a problem in the development area .about 2-3 years ago there whose a post on the BP portal where whose showin how many developers are working in every BP game.On Deepolis if i remember corectly there whose 2 or 5 ,while in Dark Orbit more than 100.
    now i doubt that there are any developers working on Deepolis.If there whose an ,maybe we had some developers blog or a reduction of the bugs.Or i am wrong and there is only a comunication problem betwen the game manager and the players.
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  11. Any changes, give some information, hope that you are doing something that this game has come back to life. There are no words ...
  12. JaquiG

    JaquiG Global Team Leader Team Deepolis EN

    I haven't heard anything yet.
    Though it is likely a new programmer so will take him time to familiarize himself with the code and get fixes done.
  13. zagha-x35

    zagha-x35 User

    our profile will safety when its done.and also i hope whey make an anime story when all quest episode.and the player general are reborn that story.because im the big fun of deepolis game and also i like the watching anime.
  14. why don,t they move the acc to G1 because there are many players there and G2 is dead
  15. Hello, I am also ex sut player and I want my account to be moved to GE1.
    They did that long time ago with Asia server - it was closed and accs were moved to GE2.
    As I wrote to engliash support we are spending money on the game and if accs are not moved I don't see any reason to go on doing that.
    Whats the point to make changes on GE2 when there are few players online and I am sure old players will NOT come back?
    Considering all this and the profit BP gets from us hope BP will move our accs to GE1!!!
  16. yes that,s what i mean about it, so let it be true that they move,s us there its more fun then for us
  17. Server 2 is complete dead its not fun anymore there so transfer our accounts to server 1 or you will loose more and more players.
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  18. Hello,

    I come here only to check... but i heard about "moving accounts"? So, interesting.

    Well, when they make that with Asia Server, they gave the chance (not only about server 2), but choosing the server that you want (1, 2 and US). But i agree. S2 is dead, i will not put one more euro on that game. Finish helix, i leave the game. That's no problem for me. Last years i played a lot, now only 1 or 2 hours. If enemies, ok, if don't go out.

    About moving accounts, forget it. I spoke 2 days ago with Admin Portugal/Brasil and nobody works on this game, no programmers, so nobody will have that work (chaging ID's numbers) During 3 years without any update, it's not now that they will change it.

    Only one question? Who's still spending money at Deepolis? Everyone is free to do what you want, of course, but... Make no sense spending money here!
    For example, some countries has no Admin, some countries has no forum lol. So do you still think that programmers are here? For example, i connected Finland forum, and...? I come here, english forum.

    I am honest with all here.
    And think with me:
    What's the best for BigPoint?
    1 - Pay to programmer(s) to work on Deepolis and people pay to get helix
    2 - Nobody work on this and still people pay for this?

    Think about it! When they get money and they make nothing here, you are giving money to a machine (BigPoint) that only wants your money and make nothing for the players. So, if they get money and nobody work here, it's perfect for BigPoint.

    Best regards,
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  19. warHUN

    warHUN User

    i forgott my old account, maybe its 19sxWar89, but i dont sure about this, can anyone help me? i like my old acc
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  20. new map ..... xaxaxaxa
    I'm waiting this since 2010 ... I think!

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