Abandonment of Deepolis

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Skyron, Jul 22, 2015.

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  1. Skyron

    Skyron User

    Hello, my name is Teresa, but in the game Im Skyron. Sorry for my english.

    I write this post to complain of neglect BigPoint to Deepolis. And I write to tell you, bigwigs of the company, which now could be getting a nice profit to have invested in this game. Because Deepolis potential exceeds by far that has DO (Dark Orbit). And if this game would have received half of updates to DO, things would be very different. But you have decided not to exploit the potential of this game, you have decided not to invest in it. And I say that with some changes, would get some pretty significant benefits. I'm totally sure.

    But let's get to the point: What would I do?

    Remove the bad reputation that has Deepolis. Create entirely new events, completely new designs, and even a change of name for the game. You have to attract people, you have to invest, change everything and promote the new Deepolis, and so, gentlemen, is how a game is revived after four years of total abandonment. Redesigning.
    Because, let's be clear: If you do not risk, you do not win.

    My ideas:
    The first thing to do is implement the new map (well, not so new) that you announced in 2011.

    This map protected the lower levels. It was divided into several mini-maps, and to access each of them you had to be a corresponding level. If you look, there are 3 battlezones, and could enter a ua another depending on your level. Thus, high levels could not abuse the new players.
    I found a picture.


    As you can see, it was all very well made, and certainly the implementation of this map would be a new step for Deepolis. Many players who left the game, tired of the monotony, would be back. And they come not only them but their friends. These call to turn more people, and we would get a chain reaction. If you add to this also the publicity that you could make the game because I did not tell them.
    To enhance further the chain reaction would implement a system for the players to bring their friends and were benefited by it. Something simple, but effective.
    Of course, I try to interact with people who are not homeless anymore, but are customers. And you totally dependent on them.
    The question: How to interact with customers?
    Creating events forum as varied: From a literature contest on the new Deepolis (legends or stories on new three fractions) to a design competition for new ships and NPCs, through a competition in which players (clients) can give ideas for new events.
    And, of course, apply the ideas of the winners of such competitions to play, even temporarily. Add bosses, NPCs and events created by the winners during X time and then delete them. The important thing is that the players see that they are taken into account. And decide to spend their money here.
    Some users, have great ideas, among which are adding more tests, create stronger NPCs, and an interesting set of skills that could accentuate the differences between the fractions. Each fraction should have its hallmark, its own characteristics and skills. We can not create three completely identical fractions whose only difference is the design.

    I call for all players, and ask them to contact me. I will go from server to server.
    I need a lot of people of all countries. So if you agree with me, help me. BigPoint, we're still alive!

    A greeting,
    Skyron. (Server Global Europe 1)
  2. This game is dead let it go
  3. i agree with ich let it die already
  4. Ellen

    Ellen User

    This so sad. I played this game several years ago. We had a blast, then like now Deepolis was going through a change. But I am assuming it pulled through. I'm not sure what all the issues are at this time, back in my day it was; the new map payment issues and mostly whining about being picked on , IN A FREAKING WAR GAME. lol Oh well we had loads of fun and I met some of the most wonderful people whom I still communicate with. One of you that has been here awhile needs to pick up the reigns and get some contest going between the clans. Anyone can make this happen. Good luck, I'll be in the water...
  5. Hello, need just just one server !!! transfer all accounts to server 1 please!

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