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  1. marios96

    marios96 User

    Hello to mention the following.In franche chat and because i did not speak french one cm put ban 15 days.Wanted to lighten the ban Thanks!!!
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  2. JaquiG

    JaquiG Global Team Leader Team Deepolis EN

    1) This board can only help if you post in English.
    2) I suspect you are asking about a player being banned, that can only happen via a support ticket, the Help link in game.
  3. nash-fa

    nash-fa User

    translator says its greek. this is what was translated

    Hello I would like To name the exis.Chthes eimoun chat in French and did not write because I put my french ban 15 days and also do not know many good gallika.Thelo to ease the ban Thanks !!!

    Not the greatest translation but i guess its close enough :)
  4. JaquiG

    JaquiG Global Team Leader Team Deepolis EN

    ahh, for that the only way to get anything done is to submit a support ticket.
    my own power is limited to the forums for Deepolis.

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