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    Battle Points FAQ What are battle points?
    • Battle points are points rewarded for fighting against other players in PvP mode.
    How can I get my hands on battle points?
    • If you defeat a player, you’ll be given battle points. The number of points you are given is influenced by a number of different factors. To get more battle points, the main rule of thumb here is to fight against an opponent who is just as strong as or stronger than you.
    Can I get battle points by defeating NPCs?
    • No, battle points are only rewarded when you defeat real players.
    What are battle points good for?
    • Collect battle points to improve your position in the rankings. If you’ve reached a certain number of battle points, special PvP items will be unlocked in the merchant’s shop for you. There’s also a special battle-point ranking for you to see how you measure up in comparison to other players based on your points collected.
    Can I lose battle points?
    • Battle points which you’ve already racked up will stay yours forever.
    How can I move up in the PvP ranking?
    • Your rank in the PvP ranking is influenced by the total number of battle points you have. Fight in PvP battles against other players to collect more and move up.
    What are PvP items? And how can I get them?
    • If you reach a certain rank in the ranking, the merchant will unlock special PvP items for you. Once they’ve been unlocked, you can buy them regularly from the merchant.
    Will battle points be distributed among the members of the group?
    • In principle, yes. If you defeat a player together with your group, each member will get an equal share of battle points. However, in order for everybody to get their share of the group‘s battle points, make sure that no group members are currently in the safe zone and that they are within close range of each other at the time the other player is defeated
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