can not login in american server!!!

Discussion in 'Technical Questions' started by mxGz, Oct 30, 2014.

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  1. mxGz

    mxGz User

    I can not login into the game in american server!!!
    I dont see anything on home page also - only menu with strings and i get code strings instead of names on all menus ...:
    Thats since 2 days...

    for example thats change server menu:


  2. bplg

    bplg User

    same here
  3. Ayan

    Ayan User

    Same here. Did Big Point finally shut down the USA server?
  4. Same here, cant login on the american server.
  5. B.Steele

    B.Steele User

    After having submitted a support ticket on the issue yesterday, Janina responded to clear by browser cache and DNS, I responded back that it is sad they want to blame an entire server outage on my computer. The issue is NOT with my computer it IS with the server. She responded back that the developers are aware of the issue and are looking into it. SOOOOOOO, knowing what we know about bigpoint and the developers, we can expect to NEVER be back on the global american server again.

    On the UP side to that, the Euro server 1 is active today and most of the american server people have seemingly started over there, some of the coiners appear to have already spent some money.
  6. seren

    seren Team Leader Team Deepolis EN

    This matter should now be resolved. Please if you are still having issues contact our Customer Care Team.
  7. mxGz

    mxGz User

    its ok now thank you
  8. spike_SFC

    spike_SFC User

    i cant log into global chat please help its been a few days now
  9. Kebsy

    Kebsy User

    Got on for about a half hour, then the server keeps resetting , disconnecting, about every 30 seconds. Peeps have had issues for the past few day, including myself.
  10. spike_SFC

    spike_SFC User

    lol umm i didnt mean to send that last thing but my global is acting up to i was just trying to reply and say my global isnt working

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