can't log in american server

Discussion in 'Technical Questions' started by Flintstone, May 28, 2017.

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  1. Flintstone

    Flintstone User

    can't log - error code : failed: 1118600
    can't log to EU1 or 2 - mentioned error
    how long does it take to migrate a server? As far as I know hours not days!!!
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  2. Tauriciusz

    Tauriciusz User

    Hello! Can t log the us1 ande the eu1 or 2 server.
    Error code : failed: 1313109

    Please repair the game.
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  3. Weatherwax

    Weatherwax User

    Me too.... again.... want my money back....
  4. Ryder

    Ryder User

    Servidor América no funciona, soporte español no funciona, que está ocurriendo con las cuentas del servidor América?
  5. Weatherwax

    Weatherwax User

    Is anyone working on AS?? It's been already 3 months since you shut it down..... Migration takes hours. It's only few servers...!!!! Is it going to get working or you are going to give money we had spent there back??
    I hope you are not intending to migrate rest 2 servers...
    Anyway ..
    Whats going to be?? Money or AS?
  6. CaptnEli

    CaptnEli User

    Cant play eu or us server here. They going to go back up?
  7. CaptnEli

    CaptnEli User

    *** they should tell us whats going on.
  8. CaptnEli

    CaptnEli User

    Yes , bigpoint gone to the dogs lol sad.

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