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  1. Skyron

    Skyron User

    Bigpoint if you think I will ever play another of your games you are absolutely WRONG. And many people think like me. I have never seen in my whole life something like this. We waited NINE YEARS for news that never came and you dare to say that you were '''''studying'''' the different options. What options??????? You only waited for our money and when the money ended, the game TOO.

    But that's it. None of your games is as good as deepolis is and no one will ever be. Dark orbit is NOTHING like this. There are dozens of games like dark orbit or FARMERAMA (boring). So goodbye forever because I'm sure I will never play another of your games.
  2. galin7474

    galin7474 User

    you are right and I agree with you, but deepolis is shutting down because Adobe won't support "flash" games any longer aka the end of 31 Jan 2020 so Bigpoint decided to not do anything and to shut it down instead doing something about it
  3. I agree, there is no other bigpoint games that can reach up to deepolis.

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  5. [QUOTE = "HELLAS, сообщение: 918480, участник: 1612"] Присоединяйтесь к нам здесь https://waruniverse.space/ [/ QUOTE]
    это дерьмо не заменит deepolis

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