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Discussion in 'Clans seeking players' started by **maxi**, Mar 28, 2018.

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  1. **maxi**

    **maxi** User

    Hi everyone, i'm an old player, i sail in the sea in the hope to get new recruits.
    The clan " TheNewGeneration" TAG : K18 , search player.
    Global Server 2
    See you soon!

    HELLAS User

    Do you think that Ge2 has more players than GE1 ?
  3. I will join your clan.I hope that you can help me with my growing
  4. **maxi**

    **maxi** User

    Hi ,
    I do not know how many player we have in the GE1, but in the last ten days I noticed an increase in players in GE2
  5. olemt1953

    olemt1953 User

    i'm in ge1, lvl 51 play every day not long but, i like the game so i do the quests and mind my own bussiness until attacked lol.

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