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  1. Ghost

    Ghost User

    Hello, if you havn't guessed I'm Ghost!, I'm a level 128 Naut player with that fancy Zade skin
    I have been around for a while stalking the waters for my next victim, I'm apart of the clan TCB
    We take care of our business, not on the forums, but hey we all get a little hot headed including myself, you've been warned, anyhow I have been around for about 5 to 6 years of Deep's development process the good and bad, I might not agree with everything that's changed but I stayed because I like the fact that you're underwater and slowly hunting your victim until they are finally disposed of, well that's me Have Fun!!
  2. Christine

    Christine User

    Hi, my in game name as of the moment is Raindrops-on-Roses, but that might change soon. I have not been playing very long, I started as a favor to a friend and I like the game very much. It really is too bad that it is so dead. Here is hoping that things turn around and it is revived. I would love to see what it is like with a lot of players.
  3. Ghost

    Ghost User

    Should of seen it about 3 years ago it was a lot of fun got to kill People and gain ep not bp :/

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