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Discussion in 'Clans seeking players' started by Maxpain5, Sep 28, 2014.

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  1. Maxpain5

    Maxpain5 User

    I am the leader of GSF clan if you are nauten and need help join us
  2. ja czescnia mial bym spelnic cobys mnie dolaczyl do waszego klanu
  3. JaquiG

    JaquiG Global Team Leader Team Deepolis EN

    please use English on the boards. I know the lack of support for most languages is not a great situation, but we are stuck with it.

    and if the only active mod can't understand your posts then they can't help you. ;)
  4. Maxpain5

    Maxpain5 User

    hi i am the leader of HSF in global 2 if you need help to develope your player i am here just send me an invite
  5. Maxpain5

    Maxpain5 User

    hi i am the leader of GSF in global 2 if you want an easy server to grow up and alliance support join me you will not regret it
  6. LooKuuRaa

    LooKuuRaa User

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  7. Maxpain5

    Maxpain5 User

    first of all speak English second every member in server 1 is difficult to level up if you join me to server 2 Europe i can help you i have the power to do it so do not hesitate . I am waiting for replies search for GSF nauten alliance leader Maxpain5
  8. Applied !! :D
  9. Maxpain5

    Maxpain5 User

    i see you my friend welcome
  10. Maxpain5

    Maxpain5 User

    if someone wants to join i am in Global server 2 Europe search for GSF
  11. Hello guys i'm player in AEF :)
  12. Who's still playing this game? :p
    I admire your... patience.
  13. nakslayer

    nakslayer User

    yup, sometime...
  14. regolarmente
  15. Can someone helps to grow up with my noob account?I am from EG2
  16. EG2 non ti trovo come faccio a trovare il tuo clan?

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