Invisible soum

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Marchy, Nov 29, 2017.

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  1. Marchy

    Marchy User

    Some players use invisible soum.. We think it's clan U_A...

    We send video and you do nothing..

    You lost players because they no like it

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  2. Hello, why fightning with invisible soums U_A?
  3. Hi guys, how are you?)))))))))))))))))))))
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  4. Send the telegram!
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  5. what about telegram has not arrived yet?)))))))))
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  6. you are so desperate that you've discovered this new bug in a dying game, frankly speaking, I think that also for your fault this game is going to ruin, so stop to do it and play good.
  7. que pasa con esos jugadores que se hacen invisible ,,, ya ni dan ganas de jugar asi tienen que hacer algo ..... ups lo escribire en mi idioma
  8. 04.01.18 22:56:41
    You were destroyed by ?{M??V?L}�?.
    Player This player has invisibility. It shoots and you do not see your health go down, your sentry guns do not fire and before you know it you are sunk.
  9. Xeniazzz

    Xeniazzz User

    4 times destroyed by a player(s) using this bug. You really want people to quit playing this game, do you?
  10. cookmead93

    cookmead93 User

    post details of the bug please ill attempt to recreate and send details to bigpoint for analasis
  11. Skyron

    Skyron User

    Suure. A analysis is needed here in order to know better the problem so BigPoint can fix it. So... tell us ;)
  12. Analysis? Fix? Bigpoint? Sorry, those words don't match in Deepolis case... Anyone is reading this forum. Anyone is working on Deepolis for 6-7 years. This game is still open because there are some "players" (addicted ones...) who still pay for it.
  13. Skyron

    Skyron User

    It was a joke to know how to do it. Ups.

    And I agree with you completely, of course. But we know what to do: not to play anymore. The addicted ones can have their glitchy game for themselves.
  14. ma in deepolis non c'è supporto? non c'è un moderatore? non ce nessuno che risponde?
    ma un contatto con la bigpoint non c'è?
    siamo allo sbando completo?
    Grazie per una risposta.
  15. se gli invisibili mi riaffondano io abbandono il gioco, perchè non ho più elix, dato che li faccio giocando onestamente, e ho già speso più di 8000 elix.
    Il trucco sarebbe meglio non usarlo perchè un giocatore si stufa e molla tutto.
    Siete d'accordo? ok ciao a tutti
  16. Deepolis is still in life my friends ;) I continue to fight in bz and win BP ! :p
  17. galin7474

    galin7474 User

    I agree with you but it's hard to get to somewhere sometimes because there is invisible player killing you and that's really annoying sometimes
  18. There's less and less invisible in the game, but I agree with you! :)
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