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  1. So, I was just doing my thing, in my Diabolo, until I got popped and I had no helix, so I switched to my Ragnarok-X for the lols.
    That was just to clear up why the hell I was in that Ragnarok-X.

    Now, I've been getting disconnected from the chat for no reason, and I thought it was automatic, UNTIL I SAW THIS:


    As you can see, I got kicked by an Administrator.

    That can't bloody be automated, if it is that means the game is TRULY dead.
    Now, I know that the game is kinda dead due to the fact that no one is really playing, there's no CM's and there really is no more attention from Bigpoint to this game, but, after seeing this, I think they're still paying at least a bit of attention.

    This is just speculation, but I am surprised that an Admin kicked me, and I don't think it was automated either because I didn't say anything.

    Did this happen to you recently?
  2. Nope, it's actually fully automated, don't read what I said.
    This game is dead on EU.

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