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  1. JaquiG

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    What are Naskaar gates?
    Naskaar gates are portals to the bonus map.

    What is Naskaar debris?
    Naskaar debris can be examined in the Lab to uncover the items they contain. You will always find something, and sometimes even a Naskaar relic.

    Where do I get Naskaar debris?
    Naskaar debris is credited to your account daily, but if you don’t have it analyzed, you won’t receive new Naskaar debris. You can also find Naskaar debris in containers or get some in the Lab.

    What is the Lab?
    The Lab is the place where you can have your Naskaar debris analyzed.

    What are Naskaar relics?
    The Naskaar relics are used to build Naskaar gates.

    How do I build a Naskaar gate?
    Once you have all the Naskaar relics for a Naskaar gate, a new button will appear in the Lab. Click on the button to build a Naskaar gate.

    How many Naskaar gates are there?
    There are 3 different Naskaar gates. You need a different number of relics for each gate. The Lab will display how many pieces are needed.

    Where can I find my Naskaar gates?
    Once you’ve built a Naskaar gate, you’ll see it on the normal map.

    What will I find on the bonus map?
    Once a Naskaar gate is built, it will take you to a bonus map where you can take on new challenges. Serious prizes await those who can handle the challenges of a bonus map!

    Can I use a Naskaar gate multiple times?
    You can enter the Naskaar gate multiple times, so long as you still have lives and haven’t completed the bonus map. As soon as all the bonus map challenges have been completed, the gate will disappear and you will need to look for new Naskaar relics to rebuild the gate.

    Can I go from the bonus map back to the normal map?
    Yes, you can leave the bonus map as long as you’re not under attack. The bonus map will stay in the same spot. If you log out while in the bonus map and then log back in, you will start next to the bonus map.

    How many lives do I have in the Bonus map?
    You have three lives for each bonus map. If you lose them all, the gate will disappear and you will need to build a new one.

    What happens if I get a Naskaar relic that I already had?
    If you get the same Naskaar relic twice, you’ll get a multiplier instead. You can collect as many as 5 multipliers and use them in the Lab. If you use:
    • 1 multiplier, you’ll get twice as much
    • 2 multipliers, you’ll get three times as much
    • 3 multipliers, you’ll get four times as much
    • 4 multipliers, you’ll get five times as much
    • 5 multipliers, you’ll get six times as much

    That means that if you collect and use Naskaar relics, you’ll get six times as many items from the next Lab analysis.

    Can I collect more than 5 multipliers?
    No, if you have 5 multipliers, they will automatically be used the next time you have Naskaar debris analyzed.

    What happens when I use a multiplier and a Naskaar relic is found?
    If you use a multiplier and find a Naskaar relic, you won’t receive several copies of the same relic but several different relics. If, for example, you use a 5x multiplier, you will receive 6 different Naskaar relics.

    What happens when I have all the relics?
    If you have Naskaar debris analyzed and you already have all the Naskaar relics, you’ll receive ammo instead. If you get more Naskaar relics than you need by using a multiplier, you will receive ammo for the surplus Naskaar relics.

    Will I only find Naskaar relics when I have my Naskaar debris analyzed?
    No, it’s possible to find any of the following items when you have debris analyzed:

    • Elite sonic cannon ammo
    • Lava ammo
    • Elite photon ammo
    • Daleth Naskaar Gate relics
    • Lamèd Naskaar Gate relics
    • Zade Naskaar Gate relics
    • Elite tor****es
    • Ice tor****es
    • Lava tor****es
    • Elite photon tor****es
    • Elite decoys
    • Elite mines
    • Elite bombs
    • Energy cells
    • Naskaar debris

    Is it possible to find nothing in my debris?
    No, something will be found with every analysis

    How much does a Naskaar debris analysis cost?
    Each Naskaar debris analysis costs 100 Helix

    What happens when my sub is destroyed in a bonus map?
    As usual, you will be sent to the homepage and will be able to repair your sub there. If you still have lives for the map, you can go back to the Naskaar gate and reenter the bonus map.
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