Playscreen dos not go open

Discussion in 'General Game Questions' started by evil_knevil, Mar 10, 2017.

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  1. Maybe i know the reason why we can't play.......
    → They are working on the update that they promissed 5years ago

    Aaaarrghhh, nope i'm just dreaming:)
  2. formula

    formula User

    i hope this is not the beginning of the end...
    i know there are a lot of other games online and a lot of people and even entire clans left the game. the last news were years ago...
  3. gabriel362

    gabriel362 User

    Fantastic..after 3 days still don't go the game
    I sent and email to bigpoint
    a to solve it but.. when....
  4. DeathBloom

    DeathBloom User

    When will the game be fixed?
  5. gabriel362

    gabriel362 User

    Thank you to those who wanted to help me with some advice
  6. gabriel362

    gabriel362 User

    Friday 10.03.2017 not more I play deepolis.... I wonder when they solve the...
  7. cheers guys, game is back
  8. gabriel362

    gabriel362 User

    what good coffee is..Deepolis
    now works fine to me..
    fixed yesterday...
    it's like a drug ..deepolis
  9. Des26

    Des26 User

    It´s the end for Deepolis.....
    Goodbye all!
  10. no no no))
  11. Invisible players are shit marches
  12. Invisible players are shit marches
  13. Invisible players are a shitty gear

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