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  1. Mrswim

    Mrswim User

    OK I started Playing this Game WAY Back Before the American Server, Before there was Protection from lev 1 to lev 10 !I have searched ways to find out how to contact Big Point , I have been from Server to Server asking People to Post in Forums so maybe we can get this Game Back on Track !
    Deepolis is the Best Adult Based War Game on the Net ! Only One Left of the in Browser Games Left at THAT ! People Spend money to buy Helix , and The 3 for one Mega and 2 for 1 all have to be put on the game server its not just Auto , so I know someone is still around to service that and the servers themselves.
    Why Then are we being ignored ? Clan Portals and Pics not working , No Updates < Go to Lev 4 quest been broked for over 10 years !
    No addmns , Nothing New, No Help for Players , Glitches out the ying yang and Dead Chat Night After Night .
    Just a suggestion but YOU could do a lil Work , The Hard Core Deep Players Would addmn if Needed, Being Fair and buy the rules , a Lot of Free Play ships taken off , No Events what so ever , This up down on ships gone , Used to lose Exp ,and cell When Sunk and Each Ship had its advatages Scion More Plates an Hulls < Naut Was even over all and Jaff Had more cannon , Now its who can get enough friends to Play to help them , Pushers are big prob with the Skonos running Rampet , Ice glitch That Give s Big advantage But where is Our Deepolis Team > OUR BIG POINT TEAM ????? Everyone that comes on forums Please Read and Post < Let Them Know We are ALIVE , We are Still Here Night After Night and the New Games just don't Cut it ! We need Our Deepolis Back !
    Now Sound OFF Sincerely [(ICP)]^=LUNATICKILLS=^
  2. LAOSMA_1

    LAOSMA_1 User

    I like it
  3. Ghost

    Ghost User

    I agree Mrswim, but we only have a fourm admin and 1 developer working on 4 games including Deepolis, I hope that they get Deepolis back on track I'd love too see it brought back to life!
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  4. BigPoint needs to advertise Deepolis, I seen it in a ad in 2010 then I joined. There were always hundred of subs all of the time
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  5. I remember when I was first played Deepolis. Everyone was always on Serendo and you couldn't leave it without being killed unless you had a protective seal. I occasionally play but its not as fun as it used to be. :( Wish they would bring back Deepolis, but I doubt it would happen sadly.
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  6. The US server has been picking up a bit. The EU servers seem utterly dead :(
  7. Kaffee

    Kaffee User

    Yeah , deepolis is really cool game , but without players :x . But yeah , we are still here !! :)
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  8. This game is dead. The exact moment of its death was the Branka Quest: remember the one that kept coming up even when you had done it? That caused ALL of APL and a lot of SIG to be banned/suspended. They quit. Once they quit, there was no one for the original BMF to fight anymore, so they started leaving. Then there was the well thought out "ceasefire" on the American server that was supposed to prove a point to Bigpoint (They learned their lesson! LOL) This game is being ignored and the only reason it is still up is because people are still spending money. If people are going to spend money and Bigpoint doesn't have to do anything, why wouldn't they keep the game up. If people stop spending money, then the game will go away. I keep expecting to log on and find the pool drained and fish rotting and subs rusting. When they do shut this blackhole, backwoods corner of the internet down, I hope they leave an image up that shows a drained pond with dead fish laying all over the place. It would funny! LOL!
  9. we need fun in game again!!!!!! we pay to have a game !!!!! we need deepolis back !!!!!
  10. -[-STRIKER-] <<<Deep. IGN
    Server: GE1

    This Server ? Only 30-80 people online. Half dead though but that's make the game more fun at Trading. BECAUSE with lots of people and this suckass System , I would be dead even an inch after going out of the Base. Seriously , we need this game be REMASTERED !
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  11. seeker005

    seeker005 User

    yes some of us hard core free players are still here. but for how long? if team deep doesn't get back to work and update the game.
  12. Bobilero1

    Bobilero1 User

    I just popped back in because I remember how fun it used to be, it has a good system but seems to have been abandoned with a "take the money and run" attitude. That was happening when I first stopped playing in 2010. I hope they decide to breathe some life back into game, but it doesn't look like it.
  13. Bobilero1

    Bobilero1 User

    Yeah think someone is collecting any money made, but no one is working on game actively anymore. Its sad.
  14. Bobilero

    Bobilero User

  15. Bobilero

    Bobilero User

    Came back, got my Warmaran back, and playing no screen issues, just minus people lol
  16. WolfPack21

    WolfPack21 User

    Minus people because you cant farm worth a damn in this game......******* higher ups ignore eachother but go after noobs lower than lvl 50.....Even station tanus is dangerous because lvl 100 whatever's show up and 3 shot noobs for no reason...then u wonder while there aren't players.....I started again today.....level 17 with a orithimus I believe it was called.....25000 cells......To get it blown up as easily as 3 shots sucks so much because you prob cant repair it especially when u waste your hard earned hex cells to buy elite ammo to protect ***!!!
  17. bman916

    bman916 User

    I was thinking this game was already dead, its been kept open....Maybe BP will do something for it since they have kept it open.
  18. its a war game get over it and we dont ignore each other so you are way way off
  19. Its quite sad that the game died. I enjoyed the times and experiences I had, despite it being a pay to win game. There were always the 3-5 people in chat who were there to bring everyone up. Great times, and best wishes for whatever the future holds for all of us!
  20. how the real ocean first...No Joke.Chemical Weapons from world war 2
    couldn´t be founded. A LOT . & the time of that tickin timebombs is in our days.
    Our grandpa´s (r.i.p) can´t do that.The boys who searchin for don´t even have a map from the ocean floors & don´t know where that things are sunk.But ey..i think we can help a lot.I don´t wanna feel like i waste my time for a game no longer.In a game full of circumstances to cheat..& i found most of (EVERY i would say) . Anyone out who wanna get cheated by someone ? Alright, feel cheated. I do.
    But my heart & my mind says : go to help ..we are all in trouble .. go to help.

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