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Discussion in 'How to Play' started by Ghost, Sep 11, 2014.

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  1. Ghost

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    As a new player to Deepolis, you'll start out at your factions starter base (Namia, Nexolis Or sheal) With sheal being the most southern base for the Nauten faction, to the east you'll have Namia, the Scion base and the west the base Nexolis or the Janafars Now starting out as a "noob" is pretty hard you'll have the lowest ship for whatever faction you choose, wheater it be Nauten, Janafar or Scion You'll have on your sub 2 cannons of the lowest quality. With them being Standard cannons, Next to move your ship you just click the spot you want to go or you click you radar and you'll move to where you click easy right? now to engage those evil sea creatures! With the first few NPC's you'll be encountering being at level 2-5 and the boss fish being level 10. Now to target an NPC or another player, Just click the NPC and it'll have a circle highlighted around it meaning your ships weapons are locked onto that target, then just hit the "1" key to fire your cannons. ( At level 1 that's all you have available to use.) Now you just took out your first sea creature exciting right? Well now after that you should of leveled if now kill another, but at level 2 you have unlocked the torpedo's ! Now to fire off your torpedo's just click your target and hit the "2" key and it'll fire (of course if you are in range) This is the basic to leveling up in the game there will be more to come, Enjoy and Have fun sailing!
  2. jemzy

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    wow not useful :(
  3. susanna111

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    Can you tell me how ro get the item from marina after your bit was the best!? :)
  4. Ghost

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    Haha ok, I'll explain the bidding system.

    The Marina where you can spend your cel that you've earned killing those nasty evil sea creatures Well, to begin you most pick the item you want to bid on then next to the item (for this we'll use the Elite turbine) We'll scroll all the way down find our item the turbine so we can go faster! Well you'll see an empty box next to the item's picture click in that box and enter the amount of cel you'll want to bid (Reminder!
    You can't bid over the amount of cel you currently have) Let's type in 1,000,000 cel and hit enter and you're amount of cel will be taken from your total amount then you must wait for the time to expire to claim our new toy for our ship and we wait and wait and wait.we check our mail and see that we've won the turbine! now to equip it lets go to the Dry Dock tab and click equipment then find our turbine and hit equip then we now have our new turbine to make us go faster in the game to chase down our enemies!
    See you in the Water!
  5. whovian

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    This is all fine and good and sounds simple but realy a useless bit of information, the bidding at the moment is dominated by a single alliance were there is an amount of cheating on bids were a player will be out bid and the player with the highest bid then passing on the infomation to a co player in the alliance enabling them to win the object in the marina. This is totaly unfair and cheating it is time this issue was addressed and a fair chance give to those who play fair I will not name the alliance but with a little investigation it will come to light who the cheats are .
  6. Its an interesting post which can help newbie players. But unfortunetly the new players are moreless than anytime
  7. Ghost

    Ghost User

    There used to be a lot of new players now theres only "cheaters" as you'd say but it is not cheating but an exploit to use.
  8. Okay, I have a question how do you get a bigger ship just by leveling up?
  9. Do quests and gather as much stuff as you can. Sold stuff brings you cell and maybe some helix.
    When you've earned enough, you're allowed to buy a bigger ship.

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